Thursday, 8 March 2012

teacher clothes!

Excuse my absence of late, I have been busy busy learning how to be a teacher! Exciting! I'm currently spending two days a week on placement. And what does a new teacher need? Teacher clothes of course! Here are a few of my current favourites. Modest, tattoo-covering and super cute!

1.Topshop 2.American Apparel 3.American Apparel 4.General Pants Co. 5.Forever New 6.Alannah Hill 7.Dotti 8.Ray Bans 9.Topshop


  1. Love your picks! So sweet and perfect teacher attire! I was studying education at uni but after my first placement I decided it was not for me. However I was skeptical about teaching when I first went into it so it didn't take much to convince me it wasn't for me. I have a friend who just finished her degree and is all teacherly now so I will pass this on to her!

    Good luck with prac!

    Mel. x

  2. yay thanks mel! very kind of you!